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Rear dual hydraulic brake kit for Mk1-2-3 / Corrado / B3 Passat

This rear dual hydraulic caliper kit was originally developed for a rally team in Europe. The main goal was to have a rear brake kit that permits the use of either a hydro hand brake, or an independent staging / line lock kit.

Caliper bracket is made to withstand high forces, and abrasion found in rally applications. Made out of 100 000 psi steel, the bracket is bullet proof.

Comes complete with pads, calipers, bracket, hardware and stainless-steel braided lines; all 4 caliper lines, are long enough to have no line joints on the axle, and meet hard lines, just in front of the axle beam. The front caliper set comes with the proper size length, to bolt on to the stock location of the hard lines in front of the beam

Not made for street use, as this does not have an integrated e-brake system.

Uses standard Scirocco 16V /Mk2 rear disc set up and spindles.

Standard price if for gray anodized calipers, but red and black custom calipers are stock, at an additional cost.

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Weight 22 lbs

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