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280MM 2 Piece Rotor (11″) BBK Upgrade/ Corrado G60



Tech-53 Inc is proud to bring to the market, the 11″ (280mm Corrado G60 type) 2 piece light weight rotors, These rotors will have a rotary mass close to 40% lower than stock G60 rotors, they will use standard and widely available Wilwood 11″ lightweight rotors, that come the options with slotted, and drilled, slotted only, or plain. We have spent a lot of time and effort to bring top quality engineered product. The hats are made out of Aircraft certified 6061-T6 alloy, finished in a black e-coat finish. Keep in mind that these rotors come with a 0.810″ width instead of the 0.866″ OEM width.

The rotor assembly weighs in at 3.830kg, mounted. Stock OEM G60 rotor come in at over 5.8Kg. So over 34% weight reduction. The slotted and drilled rotors are directional and come in one right, and one left per set. Other options are not directional.

Two piece rotors have the following benefits:
– Lower mass / inertia : Faster braking, less fade,
– Less unsprung rotary mass: suspension components, getting less solicitation, and reducing gyroscopic precession
– Alluminum hats help in dissipating heat, much better than the cast iron OEM centers: Saving your wheel bearings from harmfull heat transfer (especially in the Mk1’s & Mk2’s)

*Sold as a pair, 1 unit added to the cart includes both driver and passenger side 2 piece rotors.

E30 Application : if your BMW has an E36 or E46 steering rack conversion, there will be tie rod interference on the side of the rotors. You will need Heim joints to make it work.

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Weight 15 lbs

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