VW Transmission restoration service

We now offer a turnkey restoration service for the VW transmissions. We can rebuild any VW transmission, whether it’s an 020, 02A, 02J, 02J-B, 02M, 02Q or 02S.

We provide our best expertise to our clients before the project starts.
The right transmission for your application depends on many factors : weight , top speed goal, track length, horsepower and budget.

We have built several 6 speed transmissions for drag racers and track cars. We have the additionnal parts they need in order to turn them bulletproof. We upgrade the shift forks, brace the casings and also install a 4th gear support that prevents from failing a second time.

We source a local core, rebuild it with OEM VW parts or ARP hardware and then paint the casing.

This service is ideal for the racer who needs a Wavetrac installation.

We can arrange pickups in continental USA, business address only, for your transmission.

Tech-53 Inc is a certified Wavetrac install service center. For a quote, reach out to us!

Also available here : https://tech-53.com/product/rebuilt-vw-transmission/