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BMW E36 E46 RTAB Variable toe monoball (pair)


Sold as a pair.

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If you’re looking to upgrade / replace your rear trailing arm bushings (RTAB), this is the best kit on the market, period. In this kit you will find two aluminium (6061-T6) cups, where we installed two OE quality spherical bearings (made in Germany). Supplied in this kit is two adjustment sleeves, for both left and right side, that will enable you to reach an additional range of toe adjustment.
Why would I need additonal toe adjustment?
On the E36 & E46, when you lower your rear suspension, the rear wheels naturally toe out (point towards the outside of the car). You will eventually reach a point where the car is lowered to your liking, but the factory trailing arm adjustment is not enough to bring the rear wheels alignment back to 0 toe (perfectly straightened). With the additonal range of toe that this design provides, you can reach between 4 to 5mm of toe-in.
How does the adjustment work?
It is extremely simple to play with the adjustment. Both the center and inner sleeves are offsetted. The larger lip on the outer sleeve (aluminium), increases toe-in adjustment when placed inboard. The center sleeve also increases toe-in adjustment when placed inboard. You can install both parts in-board or out-board, seperately, in order to play with your toe. The main purpose of this design is to allow the driver to bring his rear wheels at a toe-in adjustment, or at 0 toe. Both are very desirable set-ups that the factory adjustment does not allow, when lowered to a certain extent.
Why not using polyurethane?
We use OE spherical bearings for the sole reason that the trailing arm performs better when a full articulation is permitted. Cheap polyurethane RTABs does not allow a correct deflection of the trailing arm.

Fits all BMW E36 & E46, including M3 models. Covers both driver and passenger side.
In order to help the toe adjustment, we suggest you install this kit like pictured, so that the offset part faces the outside of your car.

Replaces part #: 33322228153 and 33326757885.

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