BMW ZF to Getrag driveshaft adapter plate

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Looking into a manual swap but you’re having a hard time finding a ZF driveshaft? We’ve had this issue more than once. This is the solution you are looking for : a driveshaft adapter plate made of 44W steel with 5/16 inch thickness.

We’ve tested the product to its limits and had no issue whatsoever. The Getrag driveshaft are far more easy to get compared to the ZF ones. This is the way to fix all of your issues.

Comes with all the necessary hardware.

Disclaimer : you will need a manual E36 driveshaft and a E46 ZF flex disc.  The manual E46 driveshaft fits with modifications on the E36 center bearing (supplied with item).   You can’t use M Flex disc, only 26117511454 part number.

Limited lifetime warranty

Make sure you have your driveshaft clocked correctly before driving with this product.

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