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Clutch Line Adapter to JIC-3



Another Tech-53 innovative solution: Our adapter Converts OEM Master Cylinders, Clutch Release Bearings & Slave Cylinders to use AN 3 PTFE Lined Hose.
Fits: Most VW, BMW slave cilynders, late Model GM/Ford/Jeep/Mopar Clutch Master Cylinders, Slave Cylinders & Hydraulic Release Bearings. Designed in house to provide an easy solution for hydraulic clutch conversions.
Threads right on our wide range of stainless steel braided lines.
This allows Replacement of the OEM Plastic Clutch Hose – Use w/ HP Clutches, Racing & High Heat Applications.
Improved Pedal Feel w/ our braided Stainless Steel PTFE hose selection.

Ideal for Engine Swaps & Vehicles That Use After-Market Master Cylinders w/ the OEM Clutch Release Bearing
Material: 6061-T6
Fitting is Retained by C-Clip (Reuse Factory C-Clip)

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