Custom Rear Axle Alignment Shims



Priced per pair.

These custom, one off’s are the solution for enthusiasts, that prone suspension and geometry as your first priority, either for the track , or for esthetic reasons.

These spacers will correct both of your rear wheels; right and left specific spacers, will be custom made for your car, and correct whatever values you want toe and camber at. If you are tracking your car, and want specific angles, to maximize handling, this is the best solution out there. We developed this product for our track cars.

They are precisely machined on a compound sine plate to very tight tolerances, made of billet 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum grade, making these lightweight, and performance orientated.

Choose you width: From 5MM to 15MM (at the thinnest point; because the thinnest point is the reference when machining)
Will come with proper length 12.9 graded bolts

If you have drum brakes, your hard brake lines might need to be re-plumbed, for the fact that your are extending outboard the brake piston: It will depend on the width of spacer ordered.

Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for manufacturing, after receiving confirmation of width, and final result needed of camber, and toe and actual alignment sheet, of the car, from an alignment shop. You can text us a scan, or a readable picture of the alignment print out from your local alignment shop.

They bolt between the stub axle, and the rear axle beam. You need to take off the rear stub axle, and place the spacer, then bolt in place.

Quality made with pride, in Canada.

Come complete with a set of 8 longer metric socket head cap screw bolts grade 12.9, that fit perfectly with the added spacer thickness. The spacers, will also be marked PX / Driver side, and stating which side faces out for easy installation.

These spacers help in the fact, that :

  1. They will correct out of specs rear axles / and enable you to make your own specs for camber and toe.
  2. They are non rotating (reducing unsprung weight)
  3. They help prolong bearing life, as they do not induce a leverage to the bearing compared to wheel spacers.
  4. These are the perfect way to correct your rear alignment, and or spec in your rear suspension geometry.
  5. These will correct lowered cars toe in; negative camber transfers into toe in when dropped: this will correct this, and you can spec your negative camber resultFits the following VW chassis’ rear stub axles : A1 / A2 / Corrado / A3 / B3 / B4. non-abs models only.

These have been tested for over 6 years on our street cars, and over 5 seasons on our track cars.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 12 × 3 in

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