CUSTOM VW Rear Axle Spacers WITH Camber To Your Specs




Priced per pair.

For your Custom set-up, we have a ready to order solution for you!
These are custom made rear axle spacers, machined to your specifications. No need to fill out the arches, with staggered wheels, and different offsets. Get the perfect stance with our engineered solution: Tech-53 is there for you !

6061-T6 billet aircraft aluminum stub axle spacers with camber and width to your specs. These are precisely machined to your specs, in a special jig, on a compound sine plate on the milling machine, after turning them to your width, and drilling the bolt pattern on the CNC lathe.

You must provide how much negative camber you want on the shims, and the added thickness you want to add to the rear track of your car;
Note: your car already has a small amount of negative camber stock: These will add to that amount.

Choose you width: From 5MM to 15MM (always measured at the thinnest point). Anything with more than 2 degrees negative camber, you will have the bolt seating at an angle on your stub axle.
If this is the case, you need get spherical washers to correct that issue.

You are responsible for providing desired negative camber angle on the shims and thickness.
Remember: Fitment, when adding negative camber, the top of the wheel will get closer to the coil spring! You are responsible for all measurements and fitments.

With more than 2 degrees negative camber on the shims, you might have to modify the stub axles a bit. (oblong the holes on the stub axle)

Will come with 50mm length 12.9 graded bolts : depending on the camber, you will have to cut the bolts to length.
You take full responsibility when purchasing: These are not “bolt on or OEM” approved parts

NOTE 2: If you are dropped a lot, some of the camber will translate in “TOE IN”

If you have drum brakes, your hard brake lines might need to be re-plumbed, for the fact that your are extending outboard the brake piston.

Please allow approximately TWO weeks for manufacturing, after receiving the order, before it ships out.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 12 × 3 in

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