E9X / E8X Mosselman Oil Thermostat (N55)


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Mosselman Titanium GR5 Hex-Race Bolt Set, M8x25

Mosselman Oil Thermostat Installation Kit

The N55 engine is no stranger to oil cooling problems, that’s why we recommend installing the Mosselman Oil Thermostat. The standard oil thermostat will reach around 120 degrees Celsius with a normal driving style. The Mosselman Oil Thermostat will open at a lower temperature than the standard oil thermostat (at 85 degrees Celsius) and will keep the temperature stable between 95 and 105 degrees Celsius, depending on the car model. Installing the Mosselman thermostat ensures a cooler oil temperature which will result in more stable performance, but above all this improves the reliability of the engine. It is recommended to install the thermostat, especially for cars that are tuned.

The Thermostat is plug-and-play and made out of a solid block of high-grade aluminum at our own facility. It is equipped with a real thermostat, not an always open solution. The oil will still reach the operating temperature at the same time as a stock thermostat.

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