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Lower Steering Column Bearing Retainer


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This special made sleeve, retains the plastic bearing cage in the tube, and also PREVENTS, the possibility of a failure… Cheap insurance, for a part that is a pain to get to. It also looks like it is an OEM part when installed, with the black oxide finish.

The split sleeve is to be installed on column shaft, retaining the bearing in place. 
Most of the time, its only the plastic casing of the bearing that breaks off, but bearings are usually still good. But, if lower bearings is damaged, this part will NOT fix your bearing.

This item is a real time saver!!! 
No need to take out the steering column, if the race is still intact on the column shaft.
Precisely machined to clear protrusion of race on shaft, and only retain the bearing cage.

Here is a nice write up by Timbo on steering column servicing:
Clic here :TImbo’s and Karl’s technotes steering bearing replacement

IT has come up on a few occasions, that the bearing fix collar will not sit flush with the steering tube (the inner race interferes with where the collar needs to secure to the steering shaft, and contact properly the bearing cage to hold it in place on the outer race):
This means you have caught this just in time, because your inner bearing race, is now falling down the steering shaft, and must be tapped back in place. if the inner race is apparent, gently tap it up, towards the steering wheel, until it sits flush (or almost) with the steering tube !!! VOILA, thats it! Then install the bearing fix.

I strongly suggest you pack lower bearing up with grease prior to install.

Easy Install: Split sleeve apart, and install sleeve flush to the bearing, with the cap screws parallel to the flats on steering column.

3 minutes your done!

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