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M50 Manifold ICV Bushing Adapter


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If you’re looking for a couple more horsepower out of your M54, the M50 intake manifold is a great upgrade. In this kit you will find everything you need to install the manifold on your engine. The installation can be done without removing the engine from the bay.

In this kit you will find fuel rail spacers and brackets ; they’ll enable you to use your OEM BMW fuel rail. You will also find six injectors spacers, which will allow you to use your OEM BMW injectors. The manifold adapter plate provided in the kit will allow you to bolt the throttle body onto your manifold, without any issues. We provide all the necessary hardware, so that your installation can be as easy as possible.

Special notes

First you will need to source a manifold, it is not provided in the kit.

This kit requires you to use a 330i / 330ci (M43B30) throttle body.

You will need to modify the fuel rail ; some mounting brackets won’t be used with the M50 manifold. You will find yourself unable to make the fuel rail sit where it’s supposed to ; simply cut them off!

When using the M50 manifold, some holes in the block are left in the open, right under the intake ports. They don’t serve any purpose now that you’ve swapped another type of intake manifold. In this kit you will find 6 small M10 x 8mm screws. They’re meant to fill those holes. Simply tap the holes, and insert the screws in there!

Once the kit is installed, you will need to weld the dipstick tube vent, make sure it’s sealed properly.

You will need to reuse the OEM hose if you keep your ICV.

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