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1.8T passenger side engine mount

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This is the motor mount to fit 1.8T and TDI engines in your Mk1 /A1 chassis, including Mk1 & Mk2 Sciroccos, Mk1 Rabbit, Mk1 rabbit pick-up, Mk1 Cabriolet, and Mk1 jetta.

Removal of the stock self adjusting 20vt cambelt & tensioner will be required, and will need to be replaced with a 16v cambelt & tensioner for proper operation.
We also offer the transmsission mounts

Will not fit ALH unless you change the timing belt idler design. it will bolt up to the block and be in the correct possition, the idler is just in the way.

Motor mount is made from DOM tube (drawn over mandrel / not a welded tube), TIG welded to a laser cut plate of 100 000 psi Domex 100 steel.

Surface finish is a high quality E-Coat, for a nice OEM+ finish, for a subtle / classy touch.

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Weight 1.874 lbs

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