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VW Mk1 100mm outer CV Joint Spacer for 90mm spindles



This solution is to remedy the very well known problem of outer 100mm CV joint binding inside the early Mk1 spindle when torqued.

Made out of 4140 Chrome moly steel , with a lifetime warranty, the design is piloted on the splines OD, and properly chamfered to clear the radii of the axle shaft, to ensure centering of the flat face, to engage properly on the spindle bearing inner race.

Engineered to be the thinnest possible, this will add about 1.5mm to the length of both your axles shafts ; please take this in consideration, if you are slammed.

Important note: CV shafts made by APW P/N VW8006 (SKU 654023200062) and VW8007 (SKU 654023200079) and some Duralast brand have a different tolerance than all other manufacturer, and these spacers will not fit properly on them, as the machined diameter is slightly oversized on CV axle shafts.

Priced as a pair.

Picture coming soon!

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