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Nissan 350Z Rear Subframe Bushing Kit


Includes 4 subframe bushings.
Fits 350Z and G35.

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Fits Nissan 350Z (Z33) and Infinity G35.
Looking to upgrade your subframe bushings so that they don’t break under hardcore driving? Don’t look anywhere else.

Our rear subframe bushing uses Delrin as an outer sleeve, and aluminium in the middle as an inner sleeve.
Aluminium bushings create a lot of vibrations and sounds. Delrin on the other hand, is far more comfortable while also being able to absorb just as much force.
This combination of Delrin and Aluminium makes for a strong and quiet subframe bushing, both the most important qualities to look for in this replacement piece.

The C shaped shims provided in this kit allows you to decide at which height you want your subframe. We supply enough so that you can retain OE position, while also giving you the options of raising your subframe.

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