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Nissan 370Z/G37 Stainless Steel Dual Hydro Line Kit

From: $149.99



Here’s our Stainless steel braided lines kit for the Nissan 370Z (Z34). This kit also fits Infinity G37.

What’s in the kit?
This kit contains 3 stainless steel braided lines. The longest one routes from your master cylinder to the rear section of your car. The two remaining lines split on a TEE fitting to both driver and passenger side calipers. You will find the necessary banjo bolt and crush washers to mount your lines onto your master cylinder. All the fittings and stainless steel braided lines needed to install a dual hydraulic brake system are included. This kit uses clear PVC coated Teflon PTFE lines.

We pressure test every assembled lines, and they’re DOT compliant.

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