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Restored MK1 Knuckles (Pair)

From: $809.99

There is a 250.00$ core exchange value which is refunded if you ship your knuckles back!

To proceed with this core exchange program, write an email to info@tech-53.com

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Option A:

Fully rebuilt front spindle assemblies; sandblasted, and repainted with new high quality bearings and hubs pressed in.

Painted with Stainless pigment polyurethane Steel-It.

If you want to retain your dust shields, you must provide them.  If they need to get them refurbished (sandblasted and painted with Steel-It), this can be done for 70$ for the pair.

If you ship your knuckles here, the Option A is 559.99$.


Option B:

Fully rebuilt front spindle assemblies with custom ball joint extender welded on (choice of lengths). Ball joint extender is made from 4140 steel, and TIG welding with warm up, and cooling procedure, to ensure metallurgical integrity.

Comes with spherical bearing to install on your OEM LCA.

Also comes with Spherical bearing outer tie-rod end, and tie-rod hole in the knuckle machined / drilled for M14 graded hardware. PTFE ultra-performance bearing.

All hardware is supplied, and 0.100 shims are supplied for bump steer correction / prevent binding, for both Tie-rods, and ball joints.

If you ship your knuckles here, the Option B is 1199.99$.

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