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Shifter Carrier Arm Bushing E36-E46


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Want to upgrade the feel of your OEM Shifter in your E36, E46? Our Shifter Carrier Arm Bushing is made of Delrin and will make your shifter assembly almost like a chassis mount. This part will isolate the vibration created by the Drivetrain.

The OEM unit usually is very worn out and probably never have been changed! This will cause the Carrier Arm to be very sloppy and create a play side to side.

No modification of the carrier arm required!! These will remove a lot of slop in your shifter assembly.

This item is replacing all the cars that used 25111222015.

  • E36 Series
  • E46 Series
  • Z4
  • E90 Series



  • Remove the OEM Bushing with precaution. ( Usually the metal support on the frame will have tendency to deform. )
  • Insert the new replacement unit onto the Carrier Arm. ( Slot toward the rear end of the car. )
  • Insert the Carrier Arm in the metal support. ( Your may have to clamp the support a little on the replacement part due to super extreme force in removal procedure.)

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