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Stainless Steel Braided brake Lines : M10 Bubble flare female to custom

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Sold as pair

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You have a need for a custom brake line? We can ship from stock any length, in 2 inch increments from 12 to 30 inches (300mm to 760mm). Over 17 different fittings that cover almost all brake fitting configuration.

One end has is  M10 bubble flare female, pick your own length and fitting for the opposite side.

We stock in all -3 JIC fittings for almost any brake fitting; Banjo M10, M12, with angles, Straight M10 and M12 ISO flare, angled ISO, straight 90 degree, and 45 degree NPT, etc… We got you covered!

We can ship with 24-48h any brake line configuration / length.

All lines DOT certified.




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