Guillaume’s MK6 GTI

The only bagged car in the group is none other than Guillaume’s 2011 GTI. He’s riding on a Airlift Suspension kit managed with a 3P system. It has a rare set of clear tail lights and has been “Stage 2” reflashed.

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Here is his first set of wheels; a rare set of Carline CM2. They’ve been made in the 90’s and kept in great shape.

In 2022, Guillaume decided to stand out with BMW Style 69 wheels. We’ve made him a set of 5×112 to 5×120 spacer adapters to make it possible.

Custom exhaust system

In the beginning of the 2022 summer, Guillaume brought his car to the Tech-53 shop so we could TIG weld him a custom cat-back. We installed a 3″ Vibrant Resonator and then added some blast pipes at the end.

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Track day

After installing his new Hawk brake pads, Guillaume tweaked his suspension setup to prove that it is not impossible to go fast on air suspension. He sticked some Nankang AR-1 (255/40/17) for the occasion.