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256MM 2 Piece Rotor (10.1″) For MK1 Big Brake Kit And Mk2 Stock Calipers (Cosmetic blemish)

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This is a clearance version. The hats got a cosmetic blemish on them. 100% functional like the original product.


Tech-53 Inc is proud to bring to the market, the 10.1″ (256mm) 2 piece light weight rotors, These rotors will have a rotary mass close to 30% lower than stock 256mm rotors, they will use slightly modified Wilwood 10.25″ lightweight plain rotors. We have spent a lot of time and effort to bring top quality engineered product. The hats are made out of Aircraft certified 6061-T6 alloy, finished in a black e-coat. Keep in mind that these rotors come with a 0.810″ width instead of the 0.866″ OEM width.

The rotor assembly weighs in at 3.5kg, mounted. Stock OEM 256mm rotors come in at over 4.9Kg. So over 30% weight reduction.

Two piece rotors have the following benefits:
– Lower mass / inertia : Faster braking, less fade,
– Less unsprung rotary mass: suspension components, getting less solicitation, and reducing gyroscopic precession
– Alluminum hats help in dissipating heat, much better than the cast iron OEM centers: Saving your wheel bearings from harmfull heat transfer (especially in the Mk1’s & Mk2’s)

256mm rotors will fit MK1 BBK, & OEM mk2 caliper set-up, but NOT Mk2-3 BBK: we are working on another brake kit to be able to fit the 256mm to Mk2 & MK3’s.

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Weight 18 lbs

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