Lower Steering Column Bearing


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This is the highly awaited upgraded reproduction of lower steering bearing for all A1 chassis W/C VW’s. Better than the OEM, and here’s why:
1- Multiple peeks of the knurled OD have more than 8X the surface contact compared to OEM.
2- Acetal Homopolymer will outlast your car, unlike the OEM injection plastic on the OEM bearing.
3- Our bearings have 22 needles, OEM have 12, and thus give better load distribution from the column to the race.

Made with a German manufactured, high density needle bearing, encapsulated with an ACETAL HOMOPOLYMER OD sleeve, knurled to a precise diameter for an interference fit in the column. the Acetal material, is a highly resistant / resilient material.
Its a highly-crystalline polymer that has high stiffness and strength. When compared to acetal co-polymers offered by manufacturer, this material offers higher tensile strength, stiffness, and creep resistance, and significantly outperforms on impact resistance, and thermal stability: This material offers outstanding low- and high-temperature performance, good chemical resistance, and outright material performance.

The OD is knurled not ribbed like OEM, but is actually a better design than stock, because of the multiple peaks conforming to the inner tube diameter, and diagonal contact areas, help in keeping the sleeve in the tube, compared to straight grooves .

Direct OEM replacement, with high quality materials & craftsmanship.
PLEASE NOTE : The width of bearing is a bit wider than the stock bearing (stock is 13mm wide, and our solution is 16mm wide), but this has no effect, as the bearing sits all the way in the steering tube. We firmly believe in keeping the width of bearing at a minimum; because of the axial strain it could induce to the inner race, which is also made of Onubtanium… But is now also manufactured by TECH-53 Inc. Buy the race, and install it at the same time as you are replacing the bearing; Do it once, do it right…

Here is a nice write up by Timbo on steering column servicing:
Clic here :TImbo’s and Karl’s technotes steering bearing replacement

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