SMG to Manual Conversion for E46 M3

We are proud to present you our latest touch of expertise for the E46 M3’s : a drivetrain conversion from SMG to Manual. If you have typed « E46 M3 Manual Conversion », you clicked on the right link. This is a completely turn-key service, that does not require you to bring any parts beforehand.

Using the same transmission and clutch set as when it comes in here, we will add the necessary parts to make this conversion possible. This service is only available for the E46 M3’s and a few rare 330i using the same transmission code. It has to be noted that the original clutch can be replaced, under request or obligation by ware. Clutch issues can occur even if it’s not manually operated.

This conversion requires the use of a Coolerworx Short Shifter. Based on our experience, this has to be one of the best short shifter ever. We have a new version of this shifter, made especially for this conversion in fabrication. It will have the length of a Regular version, with the components of the Pro version. The right balance between OEM look and aftermarket performance.

As the manual E46’s start to rise in value, this conversion is the perfect way to save on overpriced cars.

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