A1 Chassis Spherical Bearing Drop Spindle Kit



This kit will give any serious A1 build another level of handling. Spherical bearing ball joints, outer tie-rod ends, and custom (made to order height) spindle extension for the ball joint.
The kit consists of the following: PTFE highest Quality rod ends to fit OEM tie rods. M16 grades relieved bolts and lock nuts, CNC machined to allow full deflection without binding. OEM Knuckles to be blasted, B.J. extension made of 4340 HT material, are to be bolted, and welded on the spindle, and then stress relieved. The taper of the tie rod, will also be bored out to accept the new M16 bolt. We then will then paint the knuckles, and install new spindles and bearings. Also included is the spherical bearing ball joint, that fits the OEM control arm.

This is a one stop shop for this product; Once you receive it, just bolt it on!

You must send in you knuckles, or we can provide a temporary set with a 150$ core fee. Brand new spindles and bearings are included, as all fasteners, and everything needed.

A bump-steer shim kit will also be provided with many different thicknesses, allowing you to dial in either tie rod , or ball joint height.

This step must be done either at a good alignment shop, or with a bump-steer measuring device. This is key to proper handling!

Turn around time can vary between 6-10 weeks after order is received, depending on workload, and production schedules.

This is not an off the shelf product, it is custom made for each customer’s application, depending on drop, wheel size, track width, etc…

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in

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