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A1 Tubular Control Arms



Tech-53 tubular control arm kits steps up the game for race, and true car enthusiast car applications. Our solution permits to have the adjustability of track width, caster, camber, and scrub radius. These are top of the line,amazing looks, but are engineered for performance gains. Looks are a bonus, the main stake, is performance at heart.

Top of the line quality metric Chromoly rod ends in PTFE, and high tensile strength laser cut steel, coupled to a CAD assisted design for highest performance, will give you perfect firm feedback, without harshness. Fully adjustable for maximum performance.

Our kit comes with the proper size PTFE heim joint  tie-rod ends in M14 fine thread female, to attach to OEM tie-rods, and will also come with extended tie rods (mk2 golf, non power steering) , for the extended track width  cars, that you can also cut to length if needed on narrower / stock track width. We will need to redrill of your knuckles to M14, and eliminate the tie rod taper. Also included are a series of shims to ensure bump steer correction (No kit that is fully adjustable will eliminate bump steer, out of the box; different adjustments will have effect on geometries.)

A ball joint extender to your specs / wheels, will be supplied, and professionally TIG welded for you to your knuckles; Heat up procedures, and filler material specs, and cool down procedures will be thouroughly adheared as they must be welded, according to ASTM and all welding certifications, for welding Chromoly ball joint extenders to the OEM knuckles . A core charge of 350$ for the spindles will be added, as we have an exchange program on the knuckles.

The restored knuckles will be with supplied with new bearings, hubs, and will be sanblasted, and painted with black or gray Steel-It prodcut; Stainless stell pigment based product.

We are proud to say that we can give a true turn key custom product, with the highest standards in the industry.

Track proven for the last 10 years of our flagship track Scirocco, with extensive testing, has proven to be the best sales argument to anyone looking at tubular control arms. These come with a lifetime warranty on the A arms, but not the Heim joints, as tehy are wear items. We will give 1 year warranty, even in track / racing conditions.

Replacement Heim joints always in stock, and available as an option to have spares.

Fit all A1 chassis cars.

Small anecdote about our control arms; one of our customers with a pick up, was doing lapping and unfornunatelly had to jump a MX jump, that was in the inside of the lapping track, and jumped about 4 feet in the air, at almost 45 degree angle on landing, and only bent one side control arm about 0.100″ at the outer heim joint location. We know that we have a life time warranty on our a A-arms, but this does not include crashes, but we still did: this customer can vouch 200% we stand behind what we manufacture!

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