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Adjustable 16V Cam Pulley


Tech-53’s adjustable 16V pulley fits ABF / PL / 9A /KR engines.


The first thing anyone should do when installing aftermarket cams, is to time them properly: Installing performance cams without timing them, is something done too often. All manufacturers will give you either intake valve height at TDC, or degrees BTDC at intake valve lift start. This should be done with the indicator method, or a degree wheel; thus the reason we have NO graduation on our pulleys. Yes it looks “cool” but serves no purpose in our opinion.

With this old school solution, you will be able to get to the results proven by the cam manufacturers.

We did run other manufacturers cam pulleys, with aggressive cams, and sheared the keyway off the pulleys on a few occasions, resulting in very expensive head / valve train damage. The fact that most bodies of the pulley are aluminum, even though the drive key is steel, the material holding the key gives out. We finally had enough, and made our own solution.

If you are running aftermarket cams, and want peace of mind, and need to dial you cams in perfectly, these are it.

Made out of an OEM pulley, made in Germany, with a steel body, and integrated key, they will keep your cams and valve train safe, and enable you to dial your cams.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 13 × 3 in

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