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ARC Flat Touch Switch Panels 8000R


Switch Panel, Aluminum, Cage Mount, 8.75 in.Wide, 2.375 in.Tall, .75 in. Deep, Lighted, 8 Switches, Each


This roll bar mount ARC Flat Touch switch panel comes in an 8-switch configuration. The ARC Flat Touch switch panels feature 50-amp switches and fuses or 40 amp relays, and each switch has an internal selector to allow for on/off or momentary switching. Included with the switch panels are a variety of race words that allow you to tailor the switches to your specific vehicle. The unique backlit design lights up red when the switches are off and then changes to light green when in use. With their weatherproof design, the ARC Flat Touch switch panels are ideal for open-cockpit applications. They also have a simple jumper connection that selects either 12 V or 16 V operation. Weighing in at under .5 lbs., the ARC Flat Touch switch panels provide weight savings, making them an excellent choice for your race car.

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Weight 4 lbs

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