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MK1 Brake hard line conversion to stainless steel braided


Replace original rusty brake lines with a full stainless steel lines kit.


Another Tech-53 innovation!

Brake hard line conversion to Stainless steel braided, for all A1 chassis cars, except pick up.Clean up your cars braking system, and make it a step above, with having 100% stainless braided lines. These have been tested on our track car, for the past 10 years or so, and are flawless in performance and feel.

This kit comes with the proper length to run from the master cylinder, to the anchor points of the flexible lines of either the calipers / axle beam.

Eliminate the flared ends of the hard lines, as the lines come with JIC-3 ends, and proper M10 bubble flare fittings (male on the master, and female on the other side) They are both swivel, to enable proper routing, without any twists nor clocking issues.

Will fit Mk1 Golf / Rabbit, Mk1 Scirocco, Mk2 Scirocco, Mk1 Jetta, and Mk1 Cabriolet.

I want all my brake lines to be stainless steel braided, from the master cylinder to the calipers.
This kit replaces solely the hard lines, not any soft lines. If you wish to replace all the brake lines on your pickup, you would also need the fronts (available here), and the rears (available here).

Why are the lines in this kit not going directly from the master cylinder to the calipers?
If a leak appears in a brake line during an accident, or because of road debris, one would only need to replace the brake line from the anchor points to the caliper, instead of routing a 100+ feet long line across the entire body a second time. Most people already have front or rear stainless steel braided lines, as it’s a common performance solution for the braking system. This would allow them to keep in place the lines they’ve already paid for, and only replace what was still untouched from the factory.

There’s a proportioning valve on the car, what should I do?
We came up with a super simple solution for those who would like to keep a prop valve. Here is a kit that relocates it directly on the master cylinder. They are made for a rear disc application, not drums.

Here is a video on the kit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpu-NsQ3LV4&t=3s

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