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E46 Rear-end bundle level 1


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We figured we could guide our people into giving their E46 a second glory period. Whether it’s to drift your car or to put it on the track, this bundle is made for the real enthusiasts who want to push their car at its limits without any damage. They’re installed on almost every staff car here at Tech-53 and they’ve been through hell and back without any failure.

Reinforcement plates : Designed on our staff cars, our E46 reinforcement plates have made their way into many E46, most of them being M3’s. The common cracked floors issue is then solved and protects it from tearing up under stress. This set of plates have been welded under drift cars and track cars to make them track-ready.

RTAB Bushing kit : One of the first bushing to give up on a E46. A bad condition rear trailing arm bushing gives your car uneven tyre wear, unbalanced braking or a less predictable rear end while cornering. A simple fix for an “old car feeling”.

Rear subframe bushing kit : Tech-53 rear sub-frame bushing kits have been tested on track for a few years already; our rear subframe bushing kit, is made to tight tolerances, and top-quality materials. Bushings are made of Delrin and go through very tight quality control. This enables you to have no slop after install. Our internal sleeves are made of strong and lightweight 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. These bushings are made for the track, drift, and hardcore driving, giving instant feedback of the rear end of the car to the chassis. The Delrin material is resilient, but not enough to produce flex, and keeps your car’s geometry where it should be. Lifetime limit warranty.

Subframe differential bushing kit : Want to remove any play in your differential? Don’t want all the vibration from a full Aluminum bushing. We have the perfect combo for you, we use Delrin/Acetal for all our diff bushings available on the website. Our Multipiece design combined with a Stainless Steel Washer to be sure that the bushing work how it was intended to do. The OEM unit will worn very quickly when driver’s use the car how they were suppose to. The sign of a worn bushing is a loud clonc in big acceleration or when clutch kicking.

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