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Fluidampr Trigger Wheel Combo


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Another Tech-53 innovation!

This solution combines the renowned Fluidampr crank pulley with our twist on ignition system crank sensor / trigger whhel.

The 06A Fluidampr pulley is made for the 06A blocks, but can be fitted to any earlier blocks, such as ABA, ABF, 16V, earlier 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 8V

For some of the applications, the fluidampr trigger wheel solution will be supplied with a shim to ensure 100% pulley alignement.


A stock crank pulley is designed for a stock engine. When an engine is modified, the stock crank pulley does not do its job of keeping vibrations to a minimum. Fluidampr has a solution to that problem! Using a special design, these pullies will eliminate much of the vibration produced by your engine. That will keep your flywheel, trigger wheel, and timing gear on the crank even at high RPM usage!

The Fluidampr pullies have a precisely machined inertia ring inside along with special silicone fluid, that can absorb vibrations through all frequencies. The stock rubber dampened pulley uses rubber for dampening only for the frequency of the stock engine. These Fluidampr pullies are great for any engine setup you may have. They do not require any frequency tuning as a stock pulley would.

You will notice engine vibrations decrease, along with decreased clutch chatter if you have a lightweight flywheel.

These are a must for a modified engine, especially if you are revving higher than stock.


The fully billet CNC aluminum adapter for the trigger wheel will come with threaded holes that can accommodate the sensor in any position relative to the trigger wheel. This solution comes already pressed on the fluidampr pulley. The trigger wheel bolt on to the adapter, and is piloted to ensure the least amount of run out.


Trigger wheel is available in both 36-1 and 60-2 configuration options.

Here’s the development video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAKdPDM8jP0&t=2s

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