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36-1 Trigger Wheel Bolt On Solution For VW Pulleys


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The famous 36-1 trigger wheel for external use with either megasquirt, megajolt and/or EDIS VR sensor, and designed specifically for the VW crank pulleys. (serpentine)
It comes in a classy and subtle black E coat finish.

It is always a hassle to get proper concentricity, and a good set up for VW specific applications.
Most of the times a Ford trigger wheel, or a generic trigger wheel need to be modified, and turned true, afterwards.
This solution comes from our own need, and was developed for our race cars.

This trigger wheel solution, even makes provision to have, or add, a power steering pulley to the damper / crank pulley, without any modifications !

The trigger wheel is precisely laser cut, and then a pilot diameter is CNC machined to very tight tolerance, in order to fit directly in the recess of the Serpentine crank pulley; this mating of the pilot & recess, garanties concentricity of the trigger wheel, to the puley. Be sure that your pulley has an internal bore of 4.552″ for this application. (this is the bore we measured from 5 different pulleys we have on the shelf)

Oblong radii slots are precisely cut to match the pulley’s avaialble material to accept the needed M5X0.8 threads. 12.9 graded bolts. These button head graded bolts, are supplied with the trigger wheel.

To install, clamp the trigger wheel on your pulley, in order to have them concentric (the recess of the pulley will locate on the trigger wheel’s machined step), and then center punch the aluminum in your crank pulley. Be shure to have the missing tooth alignement marked in relation to your TDC, and sensor position, prior to making the threaded holes. This will allow to align the holes that you will need to tap in your pulley / damper. Then tap 4 holes M5X0.8 about 3/8″ deep (thread depth)
The size drill for tapping M5X0.8 is 4.2mm or a #19 drill

This listing is for the trigger wheel only, no pulley is supplied.

The VR sensor bracket for the PL / 9A , and ABA blocks, and both go hand in hand, for a complete solution


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 12 × 2 in

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