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Lollypop Offset Bushing Delrin for E30, E36 & Z3



Our Solid Delrin Control Arm Bushing have a off-center hole to add caster and camber.

Usually called Lollypop off set Bushing ; OEM rubber bushing are wearing out very quickly or has never been changed. The OEM unit were created to damped all the vibration of the roads to allow comfort in the car. The off set bushing in rubber came standard with late E30 M3 and early E36 M3.

For performance application these were created not only to improve stability of the car, but to remove deflection of the rubber. The low coefficiency of the Delrin is perfect for the control arm to move freely in the bushing.


Alignment is strongly recommended after the installation of the kit.

This kit come as a pair.

These replace OEM part number 31129064875

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These bushings will replace the following BMW’s:

  • M3 (E30 & E36)
  • 325
  • 318
  • 318TI
  • E30
  • Z3





Installation guide:

1: Remove OEM assembly.

2: Remove old bushing and clean inside factory metal carriers & control arm shaft.

3: Press the new bushing with the off set hole toward the outside of the car.

4: Add multi-usage grease on the control arm shaft and reinstall the assembly.

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Weight 1.5 lbs

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