Lower steering column rebuild kit


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If you’re looking into a no-brainer solution to fix the loose in your steering column, this is it.

The bearing ;
Made with a German manufactured, high density needle bearing, encapsulated with an ACETAL HOMOPOLYMER OD sleeve, knurled to a precise diameter for an interference fit in the column. the Acetal material, is a highly resistant / resilient material. Its a highly-crystalline polymer that has high stiffness and strength. When compared to acetal co-polymers offered by manufacturer, this material offers higher tensile strength, stiffness, and creep resistance, and significantly outperforms on impact resistance, and thermal stability: This material offers outstanding low- and high-temperature performance, good chemical resistance, and outright material performance. The OD is knurled not ribbed like OEM, but is actually a better design than stock, because of the multiple peaks conforming to the inner tube diameter, and diagonal contact areas, help in keeping the sleeve in the tube, compared to straight grooves . Direct OEM replacement, with high quality materials & craftsmanship.

As for the inner race ;
The infamous no longer available, lower steering column inner race, for all A1 VW chassis cars VW P/N 171 419 518A.
The lower steering column bearing race usually is a fragile part after 20-30 years on the road. We have worked on manufacturing a quality replacement part, in order to keep our cars safe, and on the road. This inner race is precisely CNC machined with bearing fit tolerances from hardened Chrome Moly steel (48-52 Rc). The inner “double D” is molded from a direct OEM shape mold. Instead of brittle plastic, we use our own high durometer Polyurethan

And finally the retainer ;
This special made sleeve, retains the plastic bearing cage in the tube, and also PREVENTS, the possibility of a failure… Cheap insurance, for a part that is a pain to get to. It also looks like it is an OEM part when installed, with the black oxide finish. The split sleeve is to be installed on column shaft, retaining the bearing in place. Most of the time, its only the plastic casing of the bearing that breaks off, but bearings are usually still good. But, if lower bearings is damaged, this part will NOT fix your bearing.
This item is a real time saver!!! No need to take out the steering column, if the race is still intact on the column shaft.Precisely machined to clear protrusion of race on shaft, and only retain the bearing cage.


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