Relay Shaft Ball Press in OEM unit


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We present our Solid Delrin Relay Shaft Ball. If you have any play in your OEM 020 Shifter Assembly this replacement part will help to remove a huge amount.

Made of long lasting Black Acetal, this piece need to be pressed in the OEM metal ball carrier (Not included, only the ball is supplied)

This is for 5 speed applications only, as the 4 speed is smaller in diameter. Also note that when pressing in the shaft, the ball might expand differently, as the metal shaft that the ball is pressed on, has big tolerances. If the ball does not sit inside, the cage, slightly expand the rectangle for the ball to slide into it.


  • Remove OEM Worn Rubber Bushing.
  • Clean the shaft of any residue or dust.
  • Press in the ball onto the shaft. (Use a vice to ensure the part is correctly installed.)
  • Re install the unit like the factory component.

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