02A/02J Mk1 chassis transmission mount kit

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6th generation development 02A/02J mounts : Best fit, best materials, period !

If you are driving a Mk1 and want to upgrade to a 02A/02J newer style transmission, these mounts are not only the best on the market, but also have show car quality craftsmanship, unbeleivable quality black E coat finish. Stronger and lighter than anyone on the market. The most versatile , and best mount kit available, period.

These transmission mounts will enable you to bolt on either 02A/02J with either a cable, or hydro clutch application on 4 cylinder bell housing:

The kit comes with two clutch cable brackets: One to be bolted on the mount, or a custom weld on type, that you can locate anywhere you want. The special CNC’d nuts permit a flush mount to the diff housing, without any grinding necessary.

These mounts are made out of CHT100 material 100 000 psi steel (compared to 44 000 for mild steel plate)

Laser cut and professionally TIG welded, in our proprietary 6th generation jigs. They now fit nice and straight for the perfect engine bay placement. They come in a classy and subtle black E coat finish, that will bring any swap project to another level. They come with everything needed, whatever transmission, or clutch type you will want to use. Comes with side and rear mount, extended bolts and bracket for cable application.

Kit includes: 1X side mount, 1X rear mount, 3 X Long full threaded M8 bolts for diff casing, 3 X M8 special CNC’d nut, 1 X shim for thinner 02A mounting point.


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 4.25 in

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