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VW MK1 22mm Master Cylinder (Bendix Style Booster)


Made for Westmoreland built Mk1’s. Fits on Bendix Style booster (adjustment in the front, horizontal outlets).

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This master was engineered to answer the demand of the 22mm master cylinder upgrade for the Westmoreland built Mk1’s. This is even more needed, when upgrading to our BBK.

An exclusive, and innovative product by Tech-53. We are proud to bring to the market our own product:

This master is made of aluminum, not cast iron, saving on weight, and also comes with a larger 22mm bore size for better performance. We offer a lifetime warranty on these masters. Bench bleeding before installation is mandatory.

Perfect for both an OEM brake set-up, and our BBK. No longer needed to source another booster type, in order to fit a 22mm master on your Westmoreland built car.




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