Sam’s E36

Here is Samuel’s E36. It once was his daily but he turned it into a stance car and then into a track car. It is currently dyno-tuned and has been making its way into a solid fun car.

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Phase 1 : Show Car

Samuel’s E36 has the classic E36 bundle of parts that we make; subframe bushings, reinforcement plates, RTAB and the differential bushings. It has been under the development scope during the summer of 2022 for the spacer adapters 5×120 to 5×114.3. That way he could fit this set of wheels he owns.

He spent most the 2022 summer attending car shows with this stance.

Check it out now :×120-to-5×114-3-spacer-adapter-14mm/

Check it out now :

Phase 2 : Track Car

It is equipped with a Coolerworx PRO short shifter (black) along with stainless steel braided lines.

For the Eurokracy 2022 event, he decided that his “stance” fitment was outdated. He installed some Advan Model 6 wheels with a set of Maxxis Victra RC-1. Turns out as expected : it was fast and held on to the ground pretty well.

Check it out now :

Check it out now :

Phase 3 : Drift Car (?)

Let’s just say he can’t make up his mind with this car. According to the path he’s taking, who knows, you may see him sideways soon…