Gab’s Jetta Coupe

This car as been a bulletproof racecar for the past few years. This is Gabriel’s first car ever. It was once a show car, lowered on chrome wheels & a H20i attendant. It’s now his practice track car and it is ready to rip. His Jetta’s putting to work the Tech-53 products that has been developed over the years.

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Front-end setup

This Jetta got the classic Tech-53 280mm BBK with Hawk DTC-60 pads. It is currently sitting on Team Dynamics 15×8 wheels and 225/45/r15 Ventus RS4.

Rear-end setup

This car is equipped with Nolathane Beam Bushings, (Front) and Rear stainless steal braided lines. Other than that, the rear has not been modified much. It has always been running under a budget. The fun part about it is to keep up with expensive cars with high budgets.

Check it out here :

Check it out here :


Ever since winter 2021, it is now equipped with a 02J-B (4.24 final drive). It has been the development platform for the 02A/02J Clutch cable conversion kit : the latest version, made entirely from OEM parts, has been tested on this car. It sits way better than with the old CRX modified cable that people use. The engine’s a 2L 16v with close to nothing in power mods. Again, this car being his practice track car, the fun of it is to keep the momentum and learn to lose as less speed as possible.

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