Esher’s Rabbit

Here is Esher’s Rabbit from Phidadelphia! A sweet fully roll caged rabbit running a Bergcup kit.


This beast finished 2nd place in its class during the One lap of America 2022. It was the first year this car ran with this race setup.


This thing is known for its power, and not without any reason. It is running a 2.5L 5 cylinder (07K) from a MK5 Rabbit.

Front end

Along with his rollcage, this car has our A1 Tubular Control Arms. It is currently sitting on a KW Suspension coilover set.

Check it out here :

Rear end

This beast is equipped with our HD VW Stub axle kit. Designed and produced over the winter of 2021, this kit was made exactly for that type of application. The heavy duty bearings have been through hell and back during the One Lap of America race, as the car was riding on both the streets and race tracks. They’ve survived without any issues. Doing the same with original MK1 bearings would certainly end up in maintenance or failure.

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His Rabbit is currently running our Front big brake kit in red, which is a nice match to his set of wheels.

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